The Best Time For Breakfast And Why You Should Never Skip It?

The mantra- “Eat Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Prince, and Dinner like a Pauper” holds true as breakfast is taken to be the most important meal of the day. Often, in our hurry to reach office or school in the morning, we find it so easy to skip breakfast. The optimal benefits of breakfast in providing us with the required nutrient need of the day makes the morning meal a must for all. If you are planning to lose weight then skipping breakfast can be the biggest mistake you can make. Eating a healthy breakfast at the right time is a must for your daily cycle as this is the meal that starts your day.

best time to eat breakfast

What is the best time to eat breakfast?

Best time to eat breakfast has to be within an hour of waking up. 7 to 7.30 AM is an ideal time for consuming breakfast. Maintaining a daily routine for your breakfast, lunch, and dinner is a must that means if you plan to have your breakfast at 7. 30 AM then maintain that time on a daily basis. If you do already maintain a strict time for your breakfast and it is different than the time suggested here, then, by all means, follow your own time but do maintain it.

Why is it important to have breakfast?

When you wake up in the morning, your body has already gone through the long hours of entire night and deprivation of calorie has already started taking place in your body. In the morning your brain needs glucose, and your metabolism needs minerals to kick-start into action, it is breakfast that comes to the aid. The name “breakfast” only suggests the necessity it holds. The fast your body had to go through throughout the night is broken by the first meal of the day. Therefore, it is important that whatever you put into your body in the morning is healthy and boosts your energy.

Why skipping breakfast is not a good idea?

If you are planning to lose weight skipping breakfast is the biggest mistake you can make. When we go without breakfast we are just ending up making our body hungrier, and by the time it is lunch or even before that, the need for food in our body heightens so much that to satiate our hunger cravings we end up eating things we should not have eaten. Our diet plan also goes for a toss. It is because of this, eating a healthy king size breakfast is a must as that will keep us full until lunch time.

What amount of calorie should you intake in the morning?

Mostly consuming 350 to 500 calories at breakfast should be your target. If you are on a diet and are counting on the calories, you put in your body in a day then adjust the level as according to your day’s calorie content. Ideally, breakfast should contain 25 percent of your total calorie content.

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