What is the Best time to eat Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates make an importance part of the balanced diet. They are good sources of providing energy to the body. The body uses carbs to make glucose, a kind of simple sugar that is a component of starch which is actually main energy provider. To learn the health benefits of eating carbs as a part of balanced, healthy diet is important. Carbs also play a major role in mental fitness apart from just physical fitness. For all the above-mentioned reasons, it becomes essential to maintain the intake of Carbs at the right time. Some suggestions are:

What is the Best time to eat Carbohydrates

  • Taking Carbs in the Morning: Carbs are not considered a good option if the health goal is losing weight but cutting down on carbs completely is not a great idea as well because they give ‘fuel’ to your body. Best time to have carbs in the morning because you will have the entire day to burn them off with exercise. Also, these carbs help in replenishing what the body used during sleep .Having carbohydrates in the morning in the form of bread , grains ,pasta, vegetables is a must to have the requisite amount of energy in the body.
  • Before workouts: A carb-rich snack along with protein just before your workout is good to have. It is ideal to eat a meal that digests easily 30-40 minutes before the workout. Almonds, Oatmeals, banana are good options. Avoid eating a snack with a lot of fat, as it takes longer to digest. Pre workout meal is a great time to have carbohydrates and much-needed energy in the body.
  • During the day: the Consistent amount of carbs during the day prevents the risk of diabetes as they help to maintain the blood sugar levels. There is a misconception that carbs are there only in rice, pasta and such food. You can have carbs in the form of fruit, milk, and legumes as well during the day time. 45-60 gms of carbs is ideal to have. Remember nutrient timing is very important as it works in coordination with body’s natural hormones. At day time your muscles are more receptive at accepting carbohydrates and also the insulin sensitivity is highest this time.
  • Post workout: For the similar reasons as morning carb requirement, you must have carbs post workouts as the body uses the glycogen stores during workouts. And to replenish the glycogen store and giving necessary energy to the body, carb intake becomes necessary after heavy workouts.Also, they help to shuttle insulin to the muscle cells. Post workout carbs are mandatory for muscle mass recovery.

The importance of being conscious about a healthy lifestyle and a fit body can’t be emphasized enough in today’s fast-paced life. It is of utmost important to set the health goals along with life goals and follow them religiously for a healthy body and carefree mind. Taking expert nutritionists help to understand all the essential nutrients such as Carbohydrates and Proteins and their requirement for your body should be the beginning step. And remember timing is as important as the right carbohydrates.


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