What is the best time to eat a burger? Well, after you save the world, of course! Something as delicious as a burger certainly deserves an occasion to be consumed. And therein lays the answer to the all-important question. As much as we would love to know that burgers can be eaten 24 by 7, 365 days a year, the reality is sadly not so. A burger is basically a high-fat meal, and if you try to incorporate a burger into your daily diet, you will run a serious risk of running up a grossly big medical bill. But that does not mean, of course, that you will have to deprive yourself of this delicious treat. To know more about the best time to at a burger, read on.

best time to eat burger

For lunch

Lunch is ideally the best time to eat a burger. A meal that is high in sodium, fat, and carbohydrates go very well with lunch. You still have the lion’s share of the day ahead of you, which means that you will have to expend a lot of energy. The carbohydrates in a burger that comes from the meat, cheeses, buns, and vegetables will be converted into glucose by your body, which will, in turn, provide you with a lot of energy. Eating something laden with calories at lunchtime will certainly let you power through the rest of the day without feeling hungry at odd hours. Just make sure that you make the burger yourself and use an ample amount of vegetables and fresh meat, and be stingy with the cheese.

For breakfast

Contrary to all that we have known in the last few decades, researchers at the Texas A&M University have recently stipulated that the best time to eat high fat, high-calorie meals in the morning. This is because the long period of starvation during the night primes our body for receiving high-calorie foods. Deprived of energy, the body needs a lot of input to get going in the mornings, and a high-calorie meal gives us a lot of energy and the required nutrition; besides, a heavy meal also kick starts our metabolism. Not just this; eating a heavy meal in the morning means that we have ample time through the rest of the day to use up all the calories, and we will be none the worse for wear by the end of the day.

Not at night

The night is never a good time to eat a burger, even the lightest of varieties. Our metabolism slows down a lot at night, which renders the body quite incapable of processing very heavy foods. A burger is, by definition, a heavy food, thanks to the meats and cheeses. It is best, therefore, to avoid eating this food for dinner, since this is likely to keep you awake with a lot of indigestion and dehydration.

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A burger is a delicious food, and it can also be made comparatively healthy if we eat it right. Make your burgers at home with fresh meats, cheeses, and vegetables. Add ample seasonal vegetables, and always use fresh buns. As long as you are not overdoing your consumption, you will be fine.

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