Can a diabetic eat Banana?

Diabetes is an insidious health condition that can creep slowly on you without knowing about it. This is why it is important that you get a regular checkup done or you can always get a “do it yourself” kit and check out your sugar levels at home. According to WHO, about 108 million were affected by Diabetes in 1980 but by 2014, this number has shot up to 422 million. And if you are a diabetic, then there are certain restrictions that you need to place on yourself as in how you cannot binge on food items that are high on carbs and sugars for starters. So if you were planning to snack on French fries, you may want to avoid the same. There are various fruits that you can snack on as some of the fruits contain less sugar and provide your body with essential nutrients that it requires to function each day.  And if you were wondering whether it is all right for you to snack on, say bananas, and then you may want to read on.

Can a diabetic eat Banana?

Health benefits of eating bananas

Bananas are about as natural as they come and they are readily available as well. They do provide your body with some essential health benefits as long as you consume the same in moderation.

  • Bananas are high in potassium and pectin, a sort of fibre that effectively helps to cleanse your body of toxins and even helps with digestion
  • They are known to aid in weight loss and often help to strengthen the nervous system with the production of more white blood cells
  • They contain antioxidants which can help eliminate free radicals from your body.

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Side effects:

Bananas do come with more than a few side effects, some of which are listed below for your reference.

  • Bananas are rich in carbohydrates and sugar, so if you are a diabetic and suffer from either low blood sugar or high blood sugar, you may want to avoid eating bananas altogether. Consuming even a small amount can cause your blood sugar levels to peak out.
  • Eating one too many bananas is dangerous; the usual recommended amount for adults is two cups of diced fruit or two full bananas. If you end up consuming more than that, then you run the real risk of developing a health condition such as hyperkalemia, which is characterized by temporary paralysis, muscle weakness as well as irregular heartbeat. This is because you have binged on bananas and as a result, have too much phosphorous in your system.

Given the facts listed above, as a diabetic, you may want to avoid this fruit altogether. Yes, eating bananas are healthy for your body but not if you are a diabetic. And since you need to ensure that your blood sugar levels remain stable, you need to give the bananas a miss.  And with the right amount of self-discipline you should be able to lead a normal life.

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