To be completely honest, we don’t think anyone really needs a reason to eat chocolates. It is one of the most delicious things that mankind has even been able to make, and most of us hold the string opinion, nay belief, that chocolates were surely once food of the gods and then passed on to us when obesity became a problem. And we all know why chocolates are so wonderful: they come in so many forms and varieties, almost anything can be dipped into and coated with chocolates and instantly become tastier, and they can be paired with almost everything, starting from cakes and bread to the finest of wines. Plus, who will deny the sophistication of a platter of flavored chocolates with a glass of red wine? But, in case your conscience is getting the better of you and you really want to know if it is, after all, okay to have some chocolates each day, let’s find out.

can i eat chocolate everyday

Eat in moderation

To be honest, again, it is definitely not a good idea to eat chocolates by the kilo each day. Most of the chocolates that we get in the market contain some amounts of sugar, and some of them contain a lot of sugar. Read through the ingredients carefully to see if the chocolate you are buying contains a disproportionate amount of sugar. If it does, skip it and go to the next one. Consuming too many sugary chocolates ever day will increase our blood sugar levels considerably, and you will be at risk of diabetes. Besides, all the sugar will also ensure that your weight goes through the roof, in direct proportion to your cholesterol levels. Sugar is a silent killer, and it is best to stay as much way from it as you can. If you do have a sweet tooth that will only be satisfied with a sweet chocolate, eat a small block each day, but no more.

Dark chocolate benefits

On the other hand, a little bit of a dark chocolate each day has a host of benefits. To begin with, studies have shown that a small block of dark chocolate a day considerably reduces the risks of cardiac diseases by keeping blood sugars and cholesterol low. But there is a fine balance here; eat an ounce a week, and you will be fine, increase the amount, and heart disease is back on the cards. Also, stick to dark chocolate; the darker the better. They may also be anti-cancer, since dark chocolate contains healthy flavonoids that inhibit tumor growth.

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Tips to remember

There is no harm in indulging in some chocolate every now and then, but it is not a good idea to make a meal out of it. Make it customary to avoid anything that has ‘made with chocolate’, ‘chocolate-flavor’, or ‘chocolate powder’ on the cover. Do not buy chocolate that is less than 55% cocoa; the rest is pure sugar and unhealthy fats. Even in bars that do contain more than 55% chocolate, read the ingredients carefully to eliminate any risk of ingesting a lot of sugar and fats along with the cocoa. Sometimes, manufacturers will add a lot of sugar and fats to make the chocolate bar creamier and sweeter to suit some taste buds.

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