Greek yogurt or strained yogurt is a kind of yogurt that has been strained enough so that most of the whey has been removed from it, leaving it with a thicker consistency than regular yogurt. It is as sour as regular yogurt and is generally considered to be healthier than regular yogurt, thanks to the lower fat content. It is widely used in the cuisines of many different parts of the world and is not necessarily a Greek specialty. However, although healthier, yogurt, including Greek yogurt, is generally difficult to process food, which makes it necessary to know when to consume it. Eating Greek yogurt at any time of the day, and in immoderate quantities, can lead to health issues, however temporary. To know which the best time to eat Greek yogurt is, read on.

best time to eat greek yogurt

For breakfast

Greek yogurt is definitely a godsend in the mornings, especially in super hectic mornings when you must be on the run but should not skip on the most important meal of the day- breakfast. The traditional oats and yogurt mix get a nice, tart twist with Greek yogurt; because this variety of yogurt is made from full-fat milk, the texture is creamier and fuller, and will definitely keep you feeling full indulgent for a longer period of time. Besides, Greek yogurt is full of the healthy fats and calcium that whole milk contains, not to mention oodles of protein, and all of these make it a great breakfast choice.

For lunch

In fact, there is no reason why you should limit your Greek yogurt fueled happiness only in the mornings. Mix things up a bit and opt for a heavy lunch cooked with Greek yogurt. We all crave for something a little creamy at lunch, when our energy levels start to dip, along with satiety. Instead of slathering your dish with mayonnaise, tartar, or tahini, opt for the far healthier Greek yogurt instead. It is full of proteins and gives you the healthy fats that are such an essential part of every diet. You will be checking off a number of items on the list of nutritional requirements of the day with a mere cupful of Greek yogurt, and you will be guilt free even after enjoying a frankly indulgent-appearing lunch.

For dinner

Dairy does not usually sit with us well at night when our digestive processes slow down significantly. But that is not true for Greek yogurt, which is lower in fat content and higher in proteins. As a result, our body finds it easier to process Greek yogurt, and we will not be left with an upset stomach or an acidity-riddled sleep.

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Greek yogurt is extremely versatile. Its blank taste makes it the perfect base for all kinds of dishes- sweet, sour, savory, crunchy, and creamy. Whip up a creamy salad with assorted fruits or vegetables, or make a delicious and non-sinful cold pasta. It also makes a great base for lean meats, and can also be used to marinate meats and fishes for a better texture and taste.

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