Best Time To Eat Honey

Honey is quite synonymous with health because it has got lots of benefits that will indeed help the stressed out and busy individuals to take care of their degrading health nowadays. This is because honey helps in preventing ulcers and allied gastrointestinal disorders, fights off microbes like fungi and bacteria enhance athletic performance, brings down a cough and throat irritation, aids in the regulation of blood sugar and also helps in healing wounds. However, honey has to be consumed in an appropriate manner with particular food items and also at certain times of the day when it is the best to reap the maximum advantages of honey.

best time to eat honey

How and when is honey best to be taken?

Honey is being taken at any time of the day by the people today, and it is fine, but usually, it has been specified by the health experts that honey is bet when consumed in the morning and evening. This is because the body always wants energy to keep going and the morning time is the best time to have it because honey helps in boosting the energy levels. Therefore, in the morning itself, people can get charged up enough to carry along with full vigor and zeal throughout the day. Again, in the evening time, when half of the day has been traversed, and energy might have been consumed leaving the person exhausted and tired, honey can again revitalize the individual to the fullest so that one can start for the second half of the day again. Both these times are considered to be the perfect times of the day when honey should be taken by the human beings. However, one can always have honey during other times of the day as well but better to follow these guidelines for positive and quicker results.

Apart from the time of the day, which is mentioned as morning and evening, it is also important to have honey with the correct kind of food item to extract the maximum benefit out of honey. Here are some suggestions that can make honey consumption even more useful:

Honey is helpful if taken with lime or lemon juice as this checks the weight and clears the stomach as well. This is one of the best ways that honey can be taken in the morning time and fact; this is also a recommended advice given by the wellness experts too.
Apart from this, honey can be taken along with cereals, butter toast, with yogurt in the evening, with corn flakes and milk, etc. so that it can reach the body in some manner and helps in the detoxification process that occurs maximum in the morning.
In addition to all these points, there are also certain other factors related to the intake of honey. As far as the don’ts of the honey consumption, it must never be heated because it turns into a toxin and it should also be never mixed with oily, spicy or junk food items that are usually taken nowadays by the present generation because these types of food habits are highly detrimental to health.