Drinking a glass of fruit juice seems to be the healthiest way of incorporating a bunch of vitamins and minerals into your diet short of eating whole fruits, and in many ways it is. Usually, the juice of a fruit contains approximately the same amount of nutrients as the whole fruit itself, provided there are no added sweeteners and preservatives. However, the juice will also have a little more extra calories and less fiber. Therefore, it is important to know just when to drink fruit juice, and how, so that you are sure you are getting the maximum benefit out of all that juicing.

best time to drink apple juice

In the morning

Our body’s metabolism is all ready to be fired up in the morning after a long night of fasting. So, it is important to eat the right food in the right amount for breakfast. An apple juice is the best way to break a fast. When the stomach is empty, the body is ready to absorb all the nutrients, and an apple juice is all pumped with goodness. It has enough calories to satiate your hunger, provides you with the necessary hydration for the morning, and any extra calories that are there can be burned off through the activities undertaken during the rest of the day. Besides, it’s easy and simple to make, which makes it the ideal breakfast food in our fast-paced lives.

Mid morning snack

Around 11 o clock in the day, our energy levels begin to drop. A glass of apple juice will act as a great picker-upper at this point. Apples contain a lot of sugar which gives off energy, so a glass of juiced apples will be sure to infuse you with more energy, and also alleviate the mid morning hunger pangs that usually have you reaching for those cookies and fries.

Around a workout

Working out requires a lot of energy, which makes apples the best edibles at this point. However, eating a whole apple before a workout might make you nauseous while exercising, and you might not feel like eating much after a strenuous session. An apple juice is the next best thing. Drink some before the workout to get the necessary energy to go through the routine, and drink some after to regain lost energy. What’s more, you can sip on some apple juice during the water breaks in your workout schedule to keep your energy levels up throughout.

You can actually drink apple juice at any time during the day, depending on your activities and diet. But remember to drink it in moderation. For instance, if you have a high sugar problem, it is best to stick to a whole apple instead of juicing it. Apples are highly fibrous in nature, so avoid the juice and eat it whole if you suffer from constipation. If neither of these is your issue, feel free to drink a glass of apple juice every day at your most convenient times. Avoid drinking it at night though; it will give you a lot of energy and cause temporary insomnia.

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