Best time to eat cereal

Cereal is usually something we associate with the mornings. Our entire school life must be associated with memories of a bowl of breakfast cereal in a saucerful of milk. Whole wheat and bran most of the days, and on days we had been unusually good or our parents felt indulgent, maybe Froot Loops or Cheerios. In fact, eating cereal for breakfast is something that usually carries over into adulthood as well; when we go away for college, it remains the staple breakfast thanks to its no cook convenience, and is often also the go to breakfast food when we are office goers always waking up late. But new trends are showing that cereal is not just for breakfast. Let us see how things are changing, and when eating cereal is okay.

best time to eat cereal

In the morning

The morning is of course absolutely the most right time to eat breakfast cereal. There are healthier options, but there is nothing that is so easy to make and eat. All you have to do is to pour your favorite type of cereal from the box into a deep bowl, fill it up with milk, and eat it while you are still dressing up and packing your lunch. It is healthier than any breakfast food you can buy from an eatery, and quite filling as well. Although, you do need to keep in mind that it is the best idea to avoid the overly sweet cereals as they don’t really do much for your health, and the blood sugar drop after the spike will only leave you hungry earlier than usual.

Early mornings and late nights

The usual rule is that you can eat cereal anytime between 10 pm and 9:30 am. That means it is not a good idea to eat cereal any time during the day. First of all, cereal is not a particularly healthy food, and will add empty calories to your meal plan without adding anything of value. Besides, eating cereal during the day is also a sign that you are letting yourself go. That is something you can probably expect from teenagers and college goers, but certainly not from an adult. But most importantly, it will wreak havoc on your digestive system.

As a snack

You can eat cereal as a snack. That you can indulge in when the time is right, like watching a late night movie or a show, or on a lazy evening when you are staying at home and don’t really feel like cooking. It is of course much easier to snack on a bowlful of cereal than having to whip something up in the kitchen, and it will anyway be healthier than any junk food you can order late at night. However, do keep in mind that there is a psychological issue there. When we have snacks, we tend to eat something sugary or savory, and there is a chance that we will be opting for the sugary cereals with cinnamon, chocolate, and fruity flavors. Resisting that temptation would be necessary indeed.

Cereals are an important part of our diet since childhood, and it is tough to let them go completely. They are also highly convenient, and there is a wide variety to choose from. All of these combined make cereals a very tempting item. And we could continue eating them, only as long as we do it the right way.