Protein is an important part of anyone’s diet. It builds muscles and keeps you fit, and provides you with the necessary energy to function properly through the day. There are multiple sources of protein, such as dairy, lentils, and meats, with meat being by far the most potent. Of all meats, chicken is considered to be the healthiest source of protein because of its high fiber and low fat content. Because it is healthy, chicken can be consumed every day in moderate amounts. Here, let us find out the right time to eat chicken to get the most out of it.

best time to eat chicken

For breakfast

Some of us might cringe at the idea of eating chicken for breakfast, but it is really a good idea if you come to think of it. Our body goes through a long period of fasting during the night, and sometime ear dawn, we reach ketosis or starvation point, when the nutrition store in the body starts getting used up. A healthy smattering of boiled or stir-fried chicken can rapidly replenish the diminishing energy storage in the body. Besides, chicken is highly fibrous and filling, which is ideal for keeping hunger pangs away till lunchtime.

After a workout

If you have a workout regimen, you should include some protein in your diet, especially right after a strenuous workout session. Small muscle tears occur every time you exercise, and these can be repaired quickly by the intake of ample protein. Chicken provides the most nutritious source of protein without any extra fat, and keeps your energy replenished to make sure you are not exhausted for the rest of the day.

While weight-watching

Chicken contains a lot of fiber and protein, which makes it an ideal inclusion in the weight-watcher’s diet. Chicken builds muscle, and muscles help you burn fat by using more energy. Besides, the fiber is chicken also makes it very filling, keeping you full for a longer period, and also helps in regulating your metabolism and digestion.

For dinner

Eating a small helping of chicken for dinner is a pretty good idea. Chicken helps in regulating metabolism, which is great because our metabolism slows down at night. Besides, because chicken is filing, you get to stay satiated through the night, and will not likely be woken by that gnawing feeling in your stomach in the middle of the night.

As a snack

Mid mornings and evenings are the times that throw us off our diets. These are the times of the day when our energy reaches a low point, and we reach for sugary snacks and fast food to feel happy and vigorous again. So, packing a chicken salad to nibble on during these times will keep us full and away from consuming oodles of empty calories.

Chicken is not only healthy, it is delicious as well. Besides, it is versatile, which means you can literally make it into anything that suits your palate. Stir fry them with some vegetables, mix some pieces into a salad, or simply toss some chicken in a sandwich. Make some delicious gravy and pack it for lunch as a side to rice, or, if you are feeling adventurous, make the delicious Turkish dessert, tavuk gogsu.

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