The pineapple is a wonderful fruit; it’s pretty, if somewhat formidable, to look at, is extremely delicious, and contains a host of essential minerals and other nutrients that make it one of the most beneficial fruits on the planet. There is definitely some justification to the ancient African proverb that once you have eaten a pineapple, you will not want to at any other fruit. Besides, it is versatile, which means you can eat it raw, boiled, grilled, in accompaniment with meats and vegetables, what you will. However, like everything else, it is not a good idea to eat the pineapple just willy-nilly. There is a time and place to consume this wonderful food, and let’s find that out in this article.

best time to eat pineapple

Best time to eat Pineapple: Breakfast

Worst time to eat Pineapple: Dinner

At breakfast

Breakfast is a good time to eat any fruit, and that is especially true for the pineapple. The high amount of soluble and insoluble fibers in the pineapple helps in regulating bowel movement, and ensures healthy growth of probiotic bacteria in the gut. Pineapples also contain Vitamins A and C, along with polynutrients. Studies have shown that the body processes those most efficiently between 4 to 10 am in the morning; in other words, breakfast time for most people. Besides, pineapples contain good sugar content and fiber that leads to a feeling of satiety. This is great for keeping you going till lunch, and prevents that unhealthy mid-morning snacking.

On a diet

Pineapples contain a lot of fiber, which keep you full without consuming too many calories. A moderate serving of pineapple eaten at breakfast will keep you pretty full till lunch, so you will not go hungry. Besides, the sugar content will ensure that you are feeling happy and energetic, so the urge to get something to snack on between breakfast and lunch, that happens when you are bored or down, will not occur. In fact, because of these attributes, pineapples also make a great snack in between meals; small servings of the fruit will keep you happy, healthy, and on track with your diet goals.

In season

In this age of miraculous technology and global connectivity, it is possible to get any fruit and vegetable anytime, anywhere. But there are benefits to fresh produce that are lost in frozen and preserved items. So, it is best to consume pineapple only while they are in season, and you can buy the fresh products from the farmer’s market; besides, in season fruits are also likely to cost must lower than when you will buy them at any other point during the year. And pineapple is a summer fruit, which makes sense; because of its high water content, pineapples prevent dehydration and keep you cool in high temperatures.

The thorny fruit looks like a monarch with its crown of lush green leaves, and in many ways it is indeed the royalty of the fruit kingdom. Boil them, grill them, add them in sandwiches, use as a pizza topping or make delicious pineapple chicken, you cannot go wrong with this fruit. A cupful of pineapples or a glass of juice in the mornings will fire you up for the day. But avoid it for dinner; the high sugar content will keep you awake, and fibers are not processed well at night.

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