Peaches are pretty much fairy tale fruits. Take a look at it; the outside is all warm and fuzzy, and the insides are juicy and sweet and positively dripping with moisture. If you have tasted a peach even once in your life- sadly, this fruit for the gods is not available everywhere in the world- you will probably grab a peach every time one comes your way. But wait a minute before you bite into that juicy goodness; according to some new reports that have been released by food bloggers, it is no good to enjoy peaches at any time of the year. Apparently, there is a particular time of the year when peaches are best enjoyed. Let us delve into the matter headfirst.

best time to eat peaches

All through summer

According to a Southern food writer from the USA, the best time to eat peaches is in between the six months from July to December. According to her, this is the time when peaches are at the juiciest, ripest best, and any other time you will simply be having a fruit that is the ghost of the real peach. At any other time, you will probably not be getting the best, freshest peaches of the lot. This has met with some disapproval, of course; not everyone will agree that peach season begins from July and end in December. For many states, peach season begins and ends earlier.

But keeping aside the seasonal debate, there is also a specific time of the day when you should and should not be eating peaches. Let us find out.

For breakfast

The morning is a very good time for eating peaches. Your breakfast needs to be big and as healthy as you can make it, whether you are following strict diet or not. Peaches are a great inclusion in the breakfast menu. First of all, they are loaded with essential nutrients, which make them the perfect food for the first meal of the day, when the body is hungry and eager to absorb nutrients after a long period of fasting. Besides, they are high in good calories, and contain a lot of fructose, so you will be getting a lot of the required energy to last you till lunch. The calories and sugar will keep you satiated as well, so you are far less likely to reach for unhealthy mid morning snacks.

After a meal

It is a very good idea to consume a small fruit after you have eaten a big meal. This is because fruits contain fiber, which aids in digestion and boosts metabolism. Besides, fruits also have a high water content, which also helps in digesting the consumed food easily. Peaches are great in this regard as well; they are extremely fibrous, and the high calorie content means you can compensate for possible hunger pangs if you are watching your weight and eating in smaller quantities. Besides, if you have a dessert craving after a big meal, peaches are a very healthy option with all their sweetness.

The great thing about peaches is their versatility. You can eat them as they are, with the skin or without. You can chop them up in your yogurt or oatmeal. You can make ice creams less guilty by adding some peaches. If it is your favorite fruit, go to town while you can get them.

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