Can I eat chicken every day?

Chicken forms the staple part of one’s diet for the most part, at least for most non-vegetarian people. There is no doubt that it is considered the healthiest of all meats, with ample protein and the least amount of fat. Eating a healthy amount of chicken, properly cooked, will certainly do wonders for your health. The best part about chicken is that it is good for almost everyone irrespective of their weight goals, and you can safely consume it if you are not suffering from any illness that particularly prohibits eating chicken. But how about eating chicken every day? Let us find out if that is a good idea.

eating chicken everyday

Delicious and versatile

One of the best things about chicken of course is the fact that it can be cooked in so many different ways. You can eat it as a salad, roasted over a fire, or filled in your sandwich. You can make a curry out of it, or grill it and put it in a bun. You can eat it for breakfast, for lunch, and for dinner, and for some light snacking as well. As long as the chicken is not deep fried or too spicy, it is quite safe to eat chicken every single day, although eating it for every single meal might not be a good idea due to the high protein content.

Helps lose weight

Lean chicken is one of the most well known foods for weight loss. It is well known that the high fiber content in chicken helps you lose weight by improving your metabolism and keeping you full. If you are on a weight watchers’ diet at present, it is recommended that you eat some chicken every day. Eat them grilled or sautéed, with a side of ample vegetables, and you will soon be waving your weight management woes goodbye. Chicken is very filling, thanks to the high protein and fiber content, and a generous helping will keep you full for a longer time, and prevent the urge to reach out for unhealthy snacks.

Good for muscle building

Chicken is very high in protein content, which makes it the ideal food for athletes and body builders. Protein helps in building lean muscle, and is also important for tissue repair. If you follow a strict exercise regimen, it is recommended that you eat a small serving of chicken before or after your workout session. This will help you get a lot of energy, thanks to the high caloric content of chicken, and will also ensure that the small muscle tears that happen inevitably during a workout session are repaired faster. A little bit of chicken at night will also make sure that you do not lose muscle mass during the long hours of food deprivation.

It is important to understand that the high protein content of chicken can be quite heavy on the liver and other digestive organs. Therefore, it is essential that you balance your daily chicken intake with ample vegetables, fruits, and water. There is no harm in eating chicken daily as long as you do not overdo it.