Smoothies are great stuff. Depending on what you are putting in them they can be healthy, tasty, or equal parts of both. Feeling like skipping a sit-down meal? No problem, mix some fruits or vegetables in a blender and carry it in your sippy flask, and you are good to go. Need a healthy snack alternative? A vegetable smoothie is the best thing you can lay your hands on. The real question, as some may say, is not when to drink the smoothie, but what to put in it. And the list is endless; depending on your goals and lifestyle you can have anything from a pure fruit smoothie, a vegetable smoothie, or a thick concoction enriched with all the protein powders available in the nearby health store.

best time to drink smoothie

All said and done, however, it does one no good to randomly drink smoothies all through the day. Here, let us see what the best smoothie time is.

Anytime is smoothie time

The truth is, you can drink a smoothie any time you wish. There is really no better time for a smoothie, since consumption depends entirely on your health goals and your lifestyle. Your focus should really be on keeping the smoothie as healthy as possible; keep the ice creams and peanut butters aside for a sinful weekend treat, and opt instead for fruit, vegetables, nuts, and seeds.

For breakfast

The morning is a great time to have a smoothie. In our fast paced lives, we might not always get the time to actually sit down for a big breakfast, although that is the healthiest way to start the day. Sometimes, we might not even feel like sitting down to eat. And here is where the smoothie comes to the rescue. All you have to do is make a healthy drink with some oats, yogurt, a teaspoonful of honey for some sweetness and flavor, and a couple of fruits, and you are all set for a healthy nutritious breakfast on the go. It would be even better if you could throw in a couple handfuls of nuts and seeds in it for some extra protein. This breakfast will be low in calories and high in energy, and filling enough to last you till lunchtime.


A smoothie is the perfect pre-or-post workout drink. You need a lot of energy when you are on a strict workout regimen; during each vigorous workout session, there are small muscle tears taking place that can be repaired only by measured intake of protein. It is important, therefore, to make sure that you get enough protein before and after your workout. A smoothie is the best way to get the mixture of proteins and healthy fats, so that you get enough energy to power though the exercise session, and you gain back lost water and energy after the session is over.

A good smoothie acts as a great alternative to unhealthy snacking. Pack in a couple of small flasks filed with some spinach or fruit smoothies, and you will be able to satisfy your sudden hunger pangs in a guilt free way. Smoothies are, besides being healthy, extremely filling, so you will not want to eat any of the guilt ridden fast foods that beckon enticingly in between meals.

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